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Tailored expertise during the important initial and growth phases. As you implement your ideas, we offer dedicated support to clarify and simplify contractual workflow at a flexible and cost-effective price.



We leverage cutting-edge technology, creative problem-solving strategies, and forward-thinking approaches to provide legal advice and solutions to clients.


The goal is to empower startups to navigate legal complexities effectively, minimise risks, and foster growth in a dynamic business environment.


We support deliberate pursuit of personal growth and development. It involves setting goals, acquiring new skills, cultivating positive habits, staying focused and overcoming obstacles to achieve the full potential.

We can help you with

Tech Contracts


Offer your SaaS platform or software to clients with confidence. We guarantee that your tech contract accurately represents your offering, safeguarding your interests and instilling trust in your clients and vendors.


We advise, negotiate and draft your technical contracts, software licences, IT professional services agreements, cloud services agreements (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), T&Cs for applications, Distributor Software licences. 

Data Privacy Management


Privacy is positive! User trust is crucial for the progress of your business.


Elevate your business by outsourcing complex data protection management and dedicating more time to business development. Our services guarantee your company's compliance with global privacy regulations, allowing seamless access to key markets in Europe and the US while minimising risks and meeting the expectations of partners and vendors. 

Structured Administration and Contract Management


Unlock the power of our expertise in managing industry CRM standards and executing the entire lifecycle of IT contracts, from negotiation to invoicing.


Improve how you handle contracts by using a structured method. Enjoy the advantages of better contract management, which cuts down the time it takes to approve and finish contracts by a lot. 

Faster contract approval means faster sales.

Lana Dowling

Managing partner, Tech lawyer, CIPM (IAPP) and DPO


With over 20 years of international law practice in the UK, Europe and Singapore, Lana specialises in IT and data privacy for companies wishing to access the European market. A Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM/IAPP) and certified GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO), she is able to advise on, manage and implement global privacy regulations and standards for companies wishing to enter this lucrative sector. 

With her associates, she is able to provide turnkey in-house legal support for international start-ups and scale-ups in Europe and APAC. The expertise embraces analysis, negotiation and  drafting of IT contracts (software licenses, IT services support, SaaS, PaaS  and other mixed agreements, Software Distribution licences), revenue share agreements, IP assets protection, assist with trademark or patent applications.



  • EU based lawyers
  • We offer one window services
  • We have a flexible monthly pricing structure
  • We offer fast on-line support
  • We are multi-lingual

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